Our Approach

Our companies build single-family houses and townhomes, treating each as if it were our own. Our houses can be custom homes, subdivision homes or revitalized homes. We will build to your budget.

Our approach puts you at the very center of the home-building process. It enables you to ask questions, provide feedback, and make adjustments and changes to plans, and it ensures at the end of the process that you move into the home of your dreams.

  • One point of contact – From your initial call to us until we hand you your keys, you will have a senior MainSteeet407 Homes Companies’ manager handling your every question, concern and decision. He or she, in turn, will manage all of the work performed by our team.
  • Budgeting and estimating at every milestone – Your MainSteeet407 Homes Companies’ manager will provide you with detailed cost estimates, not only at the start of your home project, but at every milestone, and in advance of every decision you will be asked to make about options, features, modifications, appliances and related issues.
  • Architectural and design planning – MainSteeet407 Homes Companies can provide in-house architectural and interior design support directly to you, or will work closely with an architectural team of your choosing. Either way, you’ll receive multiple design ideas that accommodate your requirements and budget.
  • Construction and modifications – As your prime contractor, MainSteeet407 Homes Companies will oversee and coordinate the work of all subcontractors, craftsmen and our own employees to ensure that your home is built to your – and our – exacting standards – including any changes or modifications you decide to make along the way.