Building Quality into Every Home – Especially Yours

The principals, project managers and superintendents at MainSteeet407 Homes Companies have been designing and building homes in the Mid-Atlantic region for over 30 years. The team’s experience encompasses all genres of home-building, including townhomes, single family subdivision homes and custom homes. The principals, in addition to their home-building expertise, are also experienced land developers and have developed over 3,000 acres of land into quality townhouse and single-family subdivisions as well as single family production homes and custom homes on estate lots. The MainSteeet407 Homes Companies’ team has also been extremely active in the rehabilitation arena, having rehabilitated hundreds of city homes in Baltimore, Maryland; Washington, DC; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Wilmington, Delaware.


What We Do

The MainSteeet407 Homes Companies’ team works closely with all prospective homebuyers, no matter the type of home or price range. It is our commitment to assist you to find the perfect home for you, one that you will treasure for yourself and your family. It is our mantra to create as much “natural space” for you as possible, to avoid overgrading and to preserve as much of your property’s natural trees and vegetation as we can. Our land development experience in that field will help to maximize the existing natural landscape and beauty of your property.

Custom Homes

Our Companies will work hand-in-hand with its sister company, MainStreet407 Design, LLC, or with your architect if you have your own, in order to design the ideal home for you, one that will satisfy your wish list of features and amenities. By working with our or your architect from the outset of the project, we can ensure that your home will be designed and built the way you want, on time and within budget.


Subdivision Single Family and Townhouse Developments

MainSteeet407 Homes Companies’ decades of experience in creating ideal single-family subdivisions and townhome developments assures its homebuyers that their single family homes or townhomes will possess the combination of standard features and available upgrades that are unmatched in quality and cost.



Your MainSteeet407 Homes Companies’ condominium will be one that is ideal for you and that fits your lifestyle and low maintenance cost desires. MainStreet407 Homes will provide you with a “loaded” base home and make available to you both choices in standard features, including paint colors and cabinet alternatives, and potential upgrades such as flooring and appliances.


Renovation of Houses

MainSteeet407 Homes Companies has a wealth of experience in home renovations, having renovated over 500 homes in the Mid-Atlantic area. The renovations range from suburban residences to center city homes and row homes. MainStreet407 Homes will work in tandem with you and its sister design company, MainStreet407 Design, LLC, or with your own architect, to design the interior renovations for your property. We will work with our other sister companies or, when needed, outside professionals, to (i) ensure that your existing structure is safe and stable, (ii) obtain all required permits and approvals, and (iii) complete your renovation project on time and on budget.